Linen Slit Corners Bed Skirt


Linen Slit Corners Bed Skirt


Are your bed skirts worn out? Do you need a new fabric to cover up that old storage space under the bed? Add a refined touch to your bedding set with our linen four-sided bed skirt made from 100% soft washed linen from French flax.

Linenshed stocks an extensive collection of high-quality bed skirts. Take a look at our website to see what we have to offer. From bed skirts to skirt pins, you’ll find everything you need right on our website. Our linen is sourced from the best of farms and is homespun by our experienced artisans. Our talented fabric designers and tailors have created these linen bed skirts keeping in mind the requirements of homeowners in the UK.

Chic Styles

Add flair to your bedroom by using our stunning linen bed skirts. Bed skirts don’t just perform an aesthetic function, they are also utilitarian. Our pure linen fabric is an extremely durable and breathable material. This makes it the ideal choice for all seasons. Linen is a material that conducts heat. Our linen bed skirts will be perfect for both the winter and summer months. During the hot summer, your new linen bed skirts will cool down your beds and bed sheets. In winter, the same linen bed skirts will provide a layer of insulation that will keep you warm and cosy.

As it is a breathable material, you won’t find your bed skirt emanating bad odours and smells. Linen has high air permeability and this ensures that your fabric doesn’t retain any odours.  Another benefit of the high air permeability is the low rate of mould growth.

Mould and fungus grow on fabric that can’t breathe and that are constantly damp. Linen is a material that has anti-fungal properties. It is also antibacterial, ensuring that it is safe to use. You may have little ones who may fall asleep or play on your bed. It’s important to use a fabric that is safe for your loved ones. Linen, with its anti-allergy features, checks all the boxes.

Your linen bed skirts are also anti-static. Most times, static from bed skirts gets transferred to the bedding and it then affects the people on the bed. Using linen in your bedding will prevent static and the resultant fizziness and ensure that your natural pH balance is maintained.


The Cleanliness of Linen 

Your bed skirts will be constantly exposed to dust under the bed. Fabrics such as cotton, wool and flannel need to be washed regularly in order to prevent this dust from accumulating in the bed skirts. Dust mites and bed bugs are another problem that you may need to deal with.

The linen bed skirts by Linenshed repel dust and ensure that your fabric is clean and hygienic. Even when you do decide to wash the bed skirts, you’ll notice how little water and fabric cleaner you need. As for fabric softeners, you can say goodbye to those. Linen is one of the few materials which becomes softer after each wash and remains so after multiple washes.

Most of our bed skirts are four-sided fabrics. Three-sided fabrics will be available upon request. The standard drop height is 38 cm, which can be adjusted to any drop height upon request. We understand that each homeowner has specific needs and our trained artisans have the expertise to handle any requirement that you may have.

The skirts come in various sizes, suited to fit various bed sizes. The size tab on the website will guide you to make the right choice. In addition, our linen bed skirts have a seamless deck, as we use wide width fabric. At Linenshed, we stock both regular bed skirts and detachable ones, in the form of Velcro and wrap-around skirts, in addition to linen pillow cases and other bedding options. Be sure to check the specifications before placing the order.

When it comes to colours, Linenshed offers a large selection of gorgeous colours for you to choose from. Curry, brick, olive and indigo are just a few of the many colours that you will find. You can find the colours on the swatch on the website.


A Selection of Linen Fabric Options

The sheer variety of linen bedding available on Linenshed will astound you. From a natural duvet cover to women’s home wear, you will find absolutely everything that you are looking for. We are one of the few websites in the UK who sell 100% pure washed linen bedding.

If you love wearing linen, don’t forget to check out our linen loungewear for women. With a variety of styles available in multiple sizes, our loungewear is sure to be a favourite with you in no time.

All orders above £200 are eligible for free shipping and delivery across the UK. Feel free to speak to us if you have any questions!